Google Fi Profile

Founded: 2015
Approx Number of Lines: 500,000.
Taxes collected: Point of sale plus telecom taxes and fees (USF, cost recovery fee, etc), averages about 20%.
Website: Phone: 844-825-5234
Support Hours: 24/7
Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, User Forum
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APN: h2g2
MMS Max Message Size: 1048676
Roaming: Unlimited domestic voice, text and data roaming (2G or 3G only in some roaming areas). Unlimited international text and data roaming at no extra charge in 170+ countries. International roaming calls 20 cent/minute.
Notes: Formerly know as Project Fi. Approved Android phones required for service on all three networks, T-Mobile only service available with most Android and iOS phones.
MMS supported on iOS? Yes.
Network: Sprint + T-Mobile + US Cellular
Bands: GSM, UMTS: 2, 4; CDMA, EVDO 800, 850, 1900; LTE 2, 4, 5, 12, 25, 26, 41, 66, 71
Approximate Coverage: 1.70 million square miles, 315 million people
Project Fi's coverage combines the networks of T-Mobile, Sprint and U.S. Cellular.


  • By the MB

    Cost: $20 per month.
    Minutes: Unlimited, Texts: Unlimited, Data: None.
    Hotspot: If data addon purchased, addon amount at high speeds.
    Family Plans:
    2 lines: $35.00
    3 lines: $50.00
    4 lines: $65.00
    5 lines: $80.00.
    Data Addons:
    $0.01 for 1 MB expires with plan month
  • Unlimited

    Cost: $70 per month.
    Minutes: Unlimited, Texts: Unlimited, Data: 22 GB at high speed, followed by unlimited data at 256 kbps.
    Hotspot: 22 GB at high speeds then unlimited at 256kbps.
    Family Plans:
    2 lines: $120.00
    3 lines: $150.00
    4 lines: $180.00
    5 lines: $225.00
    6 lines: $270.00.
    Plan Notes: Video streams at 480p. Includes 100 Gb of Google One cloud storage and unlimited international calls to 50 countries. Multi-line plans get 22 GB of high speed data per line.
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