TextNow T-Mobile Profile

Founded: 2013
Network: T-Mobile
Approx Number of Lines: 100,000.
Taxes collected: none.
Website: www.textnow.com/wireless Phone: none
Support Hours: 10am - 5:30pm ET, 7 days
Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
Chat: Use the Chat box on the TextNow site.
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Name: TextNow
APN: textnow.static
Roaming: Data addons include roaming in Mexico and Canada.
CoverageMap: coveragemap.com/coverage-map/t-mobile
MMS supported on iOS? Yes
WiFi Calling:
eSIM: not supported
Bands: GPRS, Edge: 1900 Mhz. UMTS: 1700 Mhz, 1900 Mhz. LTE: b2, b4, b12, b66, b71. 5G: n41, n71, n260, n261.
Approximate Coverage: 1.60 million square miles, 311 million people.
Calling is VoIP, Texting is OTT messaging. TextNow Android or iOS app required. All plans include unlimited calls and SMS from the US to Canada.


  • Free Talk & Text

    Cost: $0 per month.
    Minutes: Unlimited, Texts: Unlimited, Data: None.
    Hotspot: none.
    5G: no.
    Has Rollover: no.
    Priority: deprioritized if the network is congested.
    Data Addons:
    $39.99 for 10 GB valid for one month
    Plan Notes: Free ad-supported plan. Must make a call approximately every 2 weeks or service will be cancelled.
    Includes free Essential Data access to selected email, calendar, notes, maps and rideshare apps (full app list).
    $39.99 monthly data adon includes 10 GB at high speeds followed by unlimited data at 2G speeds.
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