Visible Profile

Founded: 2018
Network: Verizon
Approx Number of Lines: 200,000.
Taxes collected: none.
Website: Phone: none
Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram , User Forum
Roaming: None
Notes: iPhones and selected Android phones only. Visible is one of Verizon Wireless' prepaid brands.
MMS supported on iOS? Yes
VoLTE Supported on most Verizon phones and whitelisted unlocked phones.
WiFi Calling: Supported on Visible phones and iPhones.
Bands: 1xRTT, EV-DO: 850, 1900 Mhz. LTE b2, b4, b13. 5G: n2, n5, n40, n66, n260, n261.
Approximate Coverage: 2.50 million square miles, 320 million people.


  • Unlimited

    Cost: $25 per month.
    Minutes: Unlimited, Texts: Unlimited, Data: Unlimited at high speeds.
    Hotspot: Unlimited at 5 mbps, hardcapped.
    Family Plans:
    2 lines: $70.00
    3 lines: $90.00
    4 lines: $100.00.
    Plan Notes: Includes unlimited talk and text to Canada, Mexico, US VI and Puerto Rico. $25 plan price requires joining a "Party Pay" party which allows strangers to share a group plan without sharing personal information with each other. Parties can be found on Reddit and Howardforums. Plan price without Party Play is $40/month. There's also a referral program which gives a $5 credit for each referral.
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