Wing Alpha GSM Profile

Founded: 2018
Approx Number of Lines: 30,000.
Taxes collected: Point of sale plus telecom taxes and fees (USF, cost recovery fee, etc), averages about 20%.
Website: Phone: 888-800-9921
Support Hours: 24/7
Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
Chat: Chat button on website.
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MMS proxy:
Roaming: International roaming in 135+ countries: data $13/GB. SMS 25 cents each out, 20 cents each in, voice roaming 7 cents to $3.95/minute depending on country (rates).
Notes: On 2 GB and higher plans, customers get service credits for each 512 MB of unused data after the first 1 GB.
MMS supported on iOS? No.
Network: AT&T
Bands: UMTS: 850, 1900 Mhz. LTE b2, b4, b5, b12, b29, b30
Approximate Coverage: 1.74 million square miles, 315 million people


  • Unlimited Data

    Cost: $65 per month.
    Minutes: Unlimited, Texts: Unlimited, Data: 22 GB at high speed, followed by unlimited data at 128 kbps.
    Hotspot: 22 GB at high speeds then unlimited at 128kbps.
    Family Plans:
    2 lines: $120.00
    3 lines: $165.00
    4 lines: $200.00
    5 lines: $250.00.
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